Undertanding America

Americans have always believed that this nation, founded on the idea of freedom, has a vital responsibility to the rest of the world. As George Washington first recognized, the “preservation of the sacred fire of liberty” depended on the American people. These words remain true today.

Understanding America explores how the United States’ commitment to the universal truths of human equality and the right to self-government—as proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence—requires a vigilant defense of the cause of liberty, both at home and abroad.

  • Why is America Exceptional?
  • What Is America's Role in the World?
  • Why Does Sovereignty Matter to America?
  • Why Does Religous Freedom Matter?
  • Why Provide for the Common Defense?
  • How Must America Practice Diplomacy?
  • Why Does Economic Freedom Matter?
  • Who Makes American Foreign Policy?
  • How Should Americans Think About Human Rights?
  • Why Does America Welcome Immigrants?
  • Who Is Responsible For America's Security?
  • How Should Americans Think About International Organizations?
  • How Must America Balance Security and Liberty?
  • What Is The Proper Role of the Courts?
  • What Is the Role of the People?