May 15
Wednesday 12:00PM EST

May 15
Wednesday 2:00PM EST

Serving Those Who Serve

Introductory Remarks by
The Honorable Jim DeMint
President, The Heritage Foundation

Followed by a Panel Discussion with
Devin Holmes
Chief Executive Officer, Warrior Gateway

Colonel Lettie Bien
U.S. Army Retired

The Honorable B. Robert Okun
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, ThanksUSA

James J. Carafano, Ph.D.
E. W. Richardson Fellow and Vice President, Foreign and Defense Policy Studies, The Heritage Foundation

Hosted By
Luke Coffey, Margaret Thatcher Fellow


How can the United States better serve those who served?

Heritage Fiscal Plan Saves American Dream for America’s Veterans Heritage Fiscal Plan Saves American Dream for America’s Veterans
By Baker Spring

Helping Homeless Veterans Helping Homeless Veterans
By James Jay Carafano, Ph.D.

Discussion of “Veteran Nation” Discussion of “Veteran Nation”

Wounded Warriors Are Honored this Veterans Day Wounded Warriors Are Honored this Veterans Day
By Bronson Stocking

About Protect America Month

Over the past 20 years, administrations of both political parties have underfunded the military. Today, as the economy stalls and the government appears to be unable to control spending in other areas, defense spending is under attack again. Two decades of underinvestment and a decade of military conflict have left the U.S. military too small and inadequately equipped to answer the nation’s call today, much less tomorrow. In its fifth annual Protect America Month, The Heritage Foundation will highlight the need for increased defense spending. Throughout the month, leading conservatives and defense experts will showcase why we must commit to protecting America in an increasingly dangerous world.

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